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Angie Shipe | 360training Real Estate Product Manager, AgentCampus.com

angie-shipeAngie Shipe is currently the Product Manager of Real Estate for AgentCampus.com, one of the leading online real estate education providers. Her experience lies in day to day management of Real Estate education production, accreditation, customer service, marketing, and quarterly/yearly strategic planning. Identifying and establishing new business development ventures while preserving an annual revenue target of $2.5 million. Angie also acts as the Director for the number one real estate school in South Carolina, Fortune Academy. In this capacity she manages over 35 real estate instructors and experts statewide as well as overseeing day to day operations for the school.

Before joining 360, Angie was the Director of Operations at The Austin Institute of Real Estate, the number one classroom Real Estate School in Austin. At the Institute, Angie acted in a General Manager capacity leading all business operations over the last decade. Under her leadership the company grew its live course market share from 70% to 98% while continually expanding course offerings in such areas as Insurance, Inspection, Mortgages, and Green Energy. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from The University of North Texas with a major in Business Communication.