Wondering what the course is like? Read the description below to determine what type of courses you would like to take. Click the image below to see a sample of each type.

Note: Not all course styles are available in all areas of study.

Interactive Online Courses

Our most popular and effective type of course, the interactive online course presents content in an entirely multimedia format. Using audio, graphics, activities, games, and a variety of formats, this course type presents educational content in an effective, interaction-based online environment. Through a careful process of instructional design, the content of the course and the applications of the course player are arranged for maximum learning and retention. We have a wide variety of available voice talent for audio narrations, and several delivery methods depending on your level of access to a Learning Management System (LMS).

Correspondence e-Book Courses

This course option has a PDF content document with Flash-based scenes to “frame” this document. Database assessments are optional. The most economical online product developed by 360Production, the self-study online course does not contain audio in the minor Flash segments.

Correspondence Textbook Courses

Textbook Courses are available for students unwilling, unable, or uninterested in having any aspect of the course online. The textbook course consists of a printed text being mailed to the student’s registered address for completely independent study. Any quizzes or practice tests are provided with answer keys for self-scoring, and, while there are some cases in which the course exam is monitored by a state proctor, it is often the case that the exam is provided for self-scoring as well.