Overview is the real estate industry’s premier real estate school, providing you with career training for licensing, license renewals and continuing education and exam preparation classes online.

We are continuously expanding our library of courses, e-books, textbooks, CDs, and additional resources to help real estate students prepare for a new career, pass the state exam, renew a license and succeed  in their careers. In addition, we offer corporate solutions to real estate industry professionals and help institutions deliver their courses and products online.

Why Take Our Real Estate Training Programs?

The state of the real estate industry in the United States is strong. Local markets are bouncing back, with listing prices gaining momentum. has ranked real estate agents on top of its list of happiest professionals in America.

Here are a few reasons we help you reach your goal:

1. You learn at your own pace. Enrolling in our online real estate courses allows you to study at your own convenient time and pace. Should you need some catching up, there’s no shame in asking your instructor. Simply go back to the lessons you’ve missed or had a hard time taking in.

2. You’ll learn to process real estate sales and purchases. Real estate professionals will tell you not to treat the job like math. After all, there’s no real formula to closing a deal. But in order to be successful, it helps to keep to industry best practices and be aware of governing policies and regulations over real estate purchases and sales. Knowing so can make the property sales or buying process easier for both you and your clients.

3. We help you learn the rigors of a real estate job. Of course, you no longer will be at sea following the completion of a training program. The program will teach you every step of the way in making a sale, from generating leads to pricing commissions and loan documentation. Moving forward, you’ll also get to learn about the functions of other real estate professionals.

4. We help you get a feel of the licensure exam. Online course programs, even the ones conducted onsite, offer exam prep to give students a taste of the licensing exam coverage. This exam prep allows students to attempt a dry-run of the exam for a couple of times.

5. We teach techniques from industry experts. Online real estate courses are designed by subject-matter experts with years of experience. These experts include real estate directors, counselors, educators and realty owners who know the ins and outs of the industry.

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