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Real Estate Continuing Education

California Real Estate Continuing Education

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California Real Estate License (CE) Information

Licenses are issued for a four-year period and should be renewed prior to the expiration date listed on the license. As a reminder, the CalBRE mails a California real estate license renewal form to the licensee’s mailing address of record approximately 90 days prior to the license expiration date. The form is sent as a courtesy only and non-receipt of the form does not relieve the licensee from the responsibility of renewing the license.


Final examinations for a correspondence course may be administered via the internet provided the integrity of the final examination is protected by restricting access to one-time, cannot be printable or downloadable, and must time-out after the maximum amount of time authorized for completion has lapsed.

If a student fails the examination they will be required to call 360training support (1-800-442-1149) and be reregistered to retake the course and the examination. After the SECOND examination fail the student will be charged a 50% enrollment fee to retake the course and exam for a 3rd time. Student will be required to pay the 50% enrollment fee for every subsequent retake to finish the California real estate license renewal course.

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State Requirements

California Real Estate Continuing Education

Salespersons Renewing for the First Time

Real estate salespersons who were licensed prior to 10/1/2007, and are renewing an original license for the first time, must complete five separate three-hour CalBRE-approved continuing education courses in Ethics, Agency, Trust Fund Handling, Fair Housing and Risk Management.

Those licensees who were licensed on or after 10/1/2007, and were required to have all three statutory/pre-licenses courses (RE Principles, RE Practice, and one additional course), must complete 45 clock hours of CalBRE-approved continuing education consisting of:

  • Five separate three-hour courses in the following subjects: Ethics, Agency, Trust Fund Handling, Fair Housing, and Risk Management;
  • A minimum of 18 clock hours of consumer protection courses; and
  • The remaining clock hours required to complete the 45 hours of continuing education may be related to either consumer service or consumer protection courses.