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Real Estate Exam Prep

Real Estate Exam Prep Course

What are the advantages of enrolling in our exam prep courses?

There are several ways our exam preparation courses can help you:

  • Students enrolled in our real estate exam prep courses get to practice and apply what they have learned.
  • Simulation quizzes and activities are designed to test the student’s understanding of the information.
  • The exam prep is interactive, helping students with problem-solving and analysis and answering their most difficult questions.
  • The program helps real estate students prepare for the national realtor examination, giving them their best shot at not just a passing grade, but at an impressive grade that will help them launch a new career as an agent.

Why take the review course with agentcampus.com?

Our team of real estate professionals are entirely focused on helping you find the right course for you. Our online real estate exam prep courses are affordable, convenient, comprehensive and focused on you and your career.

The exam prep courses we teach can be accessed anytime and anywhere you have Internet access. You’ll be able to test your preparedness throughout your course with quizzes based on the national realtor examination, building confidence and self-esteem as you build your knowledge and industry expertise.

Courses by State

Select your state from the list below to pick your courses and learn more:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I expect to pay for each course? What are the accepted payment methods?

The cost of each course varies depending on the type and bundle. Usually, pricings for individual courses range between $30.00 and $120.00. For more information, please see our course catalog which can be found on the left portion of our homepage.

As for payment methods, we accept all major credit cards (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) and Telecheck.

Is it secure to pay online, via your website?

Yes. You can rest assured that all credit card transactions with our online payment facility are secured and hacker-proof.

I use a Macintosh. Will I encounter problems while viewing the courses?

It doesn’t matter if you use a PC or Mac as long as you have the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player and the latest version of Internet Explorer installed. Many of our students have taken our courses on a Mac and had no problems at all.

Please note, however, that our technical support team may not be able to troubleshoot Mac hardware and software-related problems.

What if I don’t have speakers linked to my computer or if my sound card isn’t working?
Can I still take the classes? Will I miss anything from the course modules?

All the visuals and graphics have superimposed readable texts or captions that explain all the lessons in detail. While an audio recording of the text may complement the visuals and facilitate the learning process, students can still complete the course without the need for sound equipment for their computers.

What should I do if I get disconnected from the internet while viewing my course modules?

If your internet connection is interrupted, you just have to log back into your Agentcampus.com account. Once logged in, you’ll be directed to the beginning of the lesson you were viewing. From there, you can simply skip past the lessons you’ve taken and jump ahead to the one you were working on.

Can I take the course from overseas or using different computers?

Agentcampus.com courses can be accessed by students from any computer, anywhere, as long as its specifications are compatible with our courseware and it has a reliable internet connection. Students only need to log on to their accounts to access the courses.

Can I use an AOL browser to view my course modules?

We recognize the fact that many of our clients still use AOL browsers. While we don’t have anything against the use of this browser, please note that our technical support team may not be able to support you in case you encounter problems while viewing your course on one.

Should you wish to view your Agentcampus.com courses while still logged on to AOL, you may do so but with the use of an Internet Explorer browser. Just minimize the AOL window, hit the start menu, go to programs and pull up the Internet Explorer browser (the one with the blue “e” icon).

How do I register a username and password?

Students need to come up with a username and password to be able to log in to their accounts and access the courseware. This username can be an email account or a random name that’s easy to remember. Enrolled students can log in on the virtual university through the Returning Student section of the Agentcampus.com home page. If the student forgets his or her password, he or she can contact 800-574-1605 to request for the old password or to perform a password reset.

What should I do if I encounter technical difficulties while taking the course?

Should you encounter any problems during your learning session, you can seek the help of our 24/7 customer service representatives. Call 888-360TRNG or email support@360training.com for troubleshooting assistance.

How do I get my credit hours reported?

This will be dependent on your jurisdiction. You can call our support center for more information on how to accomplish this.

How do I take my state real estate exam?

You can call your state’s real estate commission hotline to know all the details for the state licensure exam.

Do pre-licensing courses meet the requirements for post-licensing or SAE?

Unfortunately, you have to take a post-licensing or SAE course. Pre-licensing courses do not qualify the requirements for post-licensing.

I have already obtained a real estate license from another state. Do I still need to obtain
a real estate license where I’m currently based or would like to practice?

Your real estate license will not be honored by the governing real estate body of the state where you’d like to practice as an agent or broker. Out-of-state licensees must re-train and meet all the licensing requirements of the real estate jurisdiction in question.