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Student Testimonials

Agentcampus.com is passionate of helping students achieve their needs in pursuit of success in the real estate industry. Through our online real estate training programs, we ensure that every individual student is able to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become better professionals as they enter the industry. Learn more about Agentcampus.com

Below are some of the best student reviews about Agentcampus.com. Feel free to read what they say about us.

“Your program is wonderful!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Today, I’ve taken two of each test and scored 87% to 96%….you have helped me not to worry.”

Sondra C.

“Just a quick note to thank you for last week’s prep course I took the real estate exam on Friday afternoon and got a 90%!! I doubt I would have got as high a score without your class and I think I would have struggled to even pass it!

Many of the questions that came up were covered in your class so I knew exactly what the answers were. There were a few difficult ones of course, including one on asbestos which was unexpected!! Thanks again!”

John S.

“As a result of using your program, I recently passed the state and national exams for my Salesperson license on the very first try! I was pleased to refer another young lady to your program at an orientation at the local board of realtors yesterday.

She is awaiting approval to take her test and is petrified. I assured her that your program works!”

J. Carter

“I found the prep exams extremely helpful, and took the exam with full confidence to score well.”

Shane P.

“I recommend this program to anyone, especially those with a busy schedule. I studied and took the exams on my schedule. I’m a horrible test taker and this program helped me feel comfortable with taking the exam.

The instant results allowed me to see where I needed to focus my studying. Everyone warned me that I would likely not pass the test the first time, however, I did pass and I was the first one finished!”

Jennifer M.

“I would definitely recommend using your program to anyone preparing to take the Texas Real Estate Agent and/or Broker exam. Thank you for your time and effort in creating this wonderful tool.”

Bill U.

“The prep was very effective and saved time and monies for me as a busy realtor. The questions precise and study guide effective to mow through mounds of information especially for those like me who been out of college for quite a while.

So happy to have discovered this course and have been recommending the course for those looking to get their brokerage license. Thanks to the prep course I have opened my own real estate company.”

Clement W.